2022 Champion Teeside Sprint Series Honda Cadet

Sep 27, 2022 | Latest News, Race Results

Wow he did it! In style too. He punches the air with his little hand as he crosses the line.

Amazing performance especially jumping from one kart to another. The kid was exhausted unfortunately swapping karts going from a soft tyre to a hard in his Honda he span on the out lap as he was getting the hang of the different tyre again.

Thomas knew he would be collecting a 5 second penalty. However we all know, THOMAS NEVER GIVES UP, he just needs a big time-gap now. Busting drive to pull a big enough time-gap to secure his championship. With two rounds to spare!

We are so proud of the kid. Even though he crossed the line in first place knowing that he would still miss that step on the podium due to penalty’s. He was still there to cheer and clap at the presentation. What a little hero.

He wants all his followers especially the names on his bumper, especially the little girl in hospital in America 🇺🇸 too. NEVER GIVE UP ⬆️.

Massive thanks to Ash for keeping him calm.
Full report to come.

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