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Meet Thomas Potter

Meet Thomas Potter

Thomas was inspired to race by the success of his older sister Catherine, 15, who already has series of awards under the belt.

Thomas has won 34 consecutive qualifying races on three tracks and is taking the sport by storm.

“He had his first run in a 50cc Bambino kart at Warden Law when he was six. We were amazed by how quickly he got to grips with the controls – especially due to the fact it was raining. Within no time at all he was controlling skids. He started getting competitive so we put him in races.”

Thomas has recently lapped faster than some of the British champions who run in big teams, who tend to have huge budgets, private mechanics and coaches.

He won the Teesside Sprint Championships at seven, followed by a further three championships as a Honda Cadet.

Thomas has just won the Teesside Winter Series 2022, and is starring in a new docu-series Driven Dreams which will be featured on major streaming platforms including Amazon Prime.

Driven Dreams

What makes Thomas Potter unique?
Thomas made his name from tyres found in a bin. He is living proof you don’t have to be rich to succeed. He wants to prove that it’s possible to be successful without having a wealthy background as a back up.

Thomas doesn’t run with the latest chassis and sometimes his kart looks a little used from time to time. We decided to prioritise the budget to cover bearings, axles, brakes chains etc, rather than keeping on top of sticker kits etc. We quite often say it’s not about the way it looks...

Thomas has a natural gift to quickly learn new skills. At 7 years of age he was manual shifting with a clutch on a simulator and has now mastered heal-toe shifting which amazes many people.

Thomas has a unique flick that many say is wrong however lap times and results definitely prove otherwise.

Thomas is well known for his double overtakes, he sets moves up like a game of chess.

Check out his videos on TikTok.

Thomas is an entertainer both on and off track. He never gives up and living proof that anything is possible. Now he has made a little name for himself some businesses have started to believe in him.

Thomas is also rapidly growing his social media platforms with his comedy acts in the paddock, along with incredible dash-cam videos.

Thomas is borderline gifted and talented, he is exceeding in most school subjects. He actually helps coach other classmates in various subjects.

His teachers say he is naturally talented in maths. He often helps coach his peers in class, we also see this in his racing.

He is only 10 years old and likes to get involved in gear ratio decisions, makes calculated overtakes and takes great interest in is own track data.

Starts. His party trick which provides the crowd with entertainment. Check out his videos and watch how he gets back to the front.

His latest party trick in his kart is to use dry tyres on a soaking wet track. 

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