Anti-Bullying Campaign

Bullying Awareness Campaign…what’s it all about?

In early September I published a post across Thomas’ social media accounts regarding the bullying and abuse he has suffered at various race meets this year. You can read the post here.

The power of social media never ceases to amaze us, and the response we have received and continue to receive has been overwhelming. So many incredible and positive comments, support and encouragement from all quarters of the globe.

Below is an excerpt from The Northern Echo newspaper article:

A rising racing star has faced down bullies who told him to take his own life by honouring suicide victims in his latest race.


Thomas Potter’s parents were inundated with messages of support after [David Potter] posted an emotional message on Facebook detailing the harrowing behaviour the ten-year-old was facing on the track.


He has endured cruel taunts and abusive chants from fellow competitors and their families who accuse him of cheating when he wins.


On Sunday, at Warden Law Motorsports Centre, near Houghton-le-Spring, Thomas drove with the names of people had taken their own lives emblazoned across his kart in a defiant message to his tormentors and to raise awareness of bullying in the sport.

Thomas Potter Racing #Anti-Bullying Campaign

#Anti-Bullying Campaign

Thomas Potter Racing

Helping to build confidence in students

Thomas has been asked to participate in a Zoom meeting with a class in Pennsylvania, USA 🇺🇸 to help build some of their students’ confidence. They are following his journey and believe he is an inspiration.

We hope we have been able to help shine a light on some of the problems racers face in 🇬🇧 UK motorsport, many people have now come forward and shared their stories. Many have decided to take things to their officials at various tracks all over the UK.

Now we are being asked to keep the momentum going all over the world.

Kartmania have also offered to host Thomas in December at Silverstone to record a segment about this issue and we’re delighted that Thomas has been chosen to be the face of their anti-bullying campaign for 2023. #KMSAB

Kartmania 2022
#Anti-Bullying Campaign

September 23 Update:

This is Thomas’s last weekend as a 10 year old. He is planning on making it a weekend to remember and there might even be some birthday celebrations.

His plan is to continue to show awareness of bullying all over the world.

Thomas was quite upset to learn about a girl who is poorly in a hospital in America. He was devastated to find out she was getting picked on for something she has no control over.

She is inspired by Thomas’ “never give up attitude”. She also asked him to add her name on his bumper. Her Mam says Thomas is helping her cope with her situation and also giving her hope.

The plan is to use this bumper in both finals on Sunday at Round 6 of the Teesside Winter Series.

If you’ve suffered from bullying or you know someone who has, there’s still time to add their name to Thomas’ front bumper for this weekend. Get in touch now.

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