CKC 2022 – Round 2 Whilton Hill

Apr 21, 2022 | Race Results

Round 2 of the Cadet Kart Championship 2022 at Whilton Hill.

In Heat 3 Thomas qualified 8th and goes on to take his first win of the championship! Yeeeeeeeees!! An incident-filled heat but Thomas took the lead on lap 3 and never looked back…except maybe to check where his competitors were behind him!

Heat 1 – P21 Start / P3

Heat 2 – P12 Start / P2

Heat 3 – P8 Start / P1

Final – P2 / P2


“I don’t think Thomas Potter’s going to take too long before he slides a move down the inside, he’s not shy of an overtake, and he’s through!”

– David Sullivan, Alpha Live

View the results for Round 2

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