Crowdfunding – Extra 3 Rounds of the Winter Series

Nov 10, 2022 | Latest News

Crowdfunding to Compete in the Extra 3 Rounds of the Winter Series

Weʼre trying to raise £1,000 so that Thomas can compete in the extra 3 Rounds of the Winter Series. Thomas will also be supporting his #anti-bullying campaign.

We are planning on running in this extra Championship, and making it a special one. Thomas‘ dream is to eventually race cars, however along his journey he wants to help others. We are going to continue the anti-bullying campaign as this is close to his heart. He will run the same bumper but he will be adding more names of people suffering, including some who have lost their lives.

His plan is to cross the line in honour and raise as much awareness as he can. All races will be filmed live and streamed all over the world.

Thomas has also been asked by a local MP to visit schools and give talks to children about his story. We have also started making some inspirational videos which are now being shown at schools in America. Thomas wants to help as much as he can.

The main focus is to ‘never give up’ in all aspects of life, not just in motorsport.

Thomas will use examples of spinning off / having a bad day / crashed off. Sometimes it looks like there is no chance of a good result but he will be using the ‘never give up’ attitude he has on everything, for example; winning races from positions most would say is impossible.

We have been very lucky and privileged with our Partners who have helped achieve amazing results this year. However this championship will be pushing us over budget, any donations will go towards tyres, entry fees, fuel and damages.

In one of his rounds he will be also raising awareness for a local blood bike group more details will follow.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help, support and any donations.
The Potter Family


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