CRPS Awareness Racing 4A CURE

Sep 30, 2022 | Latest News

CRPS Awareness Racing 4A CURE

This weekend at Ellough Park for Round 8 of the CKC Championship Thomas and his sister Catherine will be running with CRPS Racing 4A Cure sticker to help raise awareness of this highly painful and debilitating disease.

CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a poorly understood condition that causes a person to experience long-lasting severe and debilitating pain after an injury. Currently there is no known cure for CPRS however as the condition is being studied more and more, doctors have found ways to help sufferers cope with the condition better.

CRPS Awareness Racing 4A CUREJames Wilson-White has been involved in racing for many years and is currently Director of Operations for Triple Eight Racing and Academy.

James has suffered with CRPS since July 2000. It is mainly controlled by very high painkillers such as morphine and other opiate-based painkillers. Racing 4A Cure has been set up to generate awareness of CRPS and other chronic conditions for research, which is sorely needed.

  • To raise awareness through the power of motorsport
  • To encourage people to read our Factsheet & visit our Facebook Page, leading to early diagnosis
  • To hopefully assist in the awareness of funds required by the 3 main specialised hospitals in the UK for clinical research, to help find a cure
    • The Walton Centre, Liverpool.
    • St. Thomas’s Hospital, London
    • The Royal Mineral Hospital, Bath.

Racing 4A Cure are fund raising to help to aid research by asking racing teams to run their logo on drivers’ cars.

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