Raising Awareness Across the Globe

Nov 4, 2022 | Latest News

Raising awareness across the globe

The little boy on the right is also called Thomas. He is actually a fan who has been travelling hours all over the country to support Thomas. It started with him asking to add his name to Thomas’ anti-bullying campaign. Himself and his Dad are both inspired by little T’Pot and his ‘never give up‘ attitude to life.

Yes Thomas actually drove but in this photo all three are winning! On the left is his friend Shaun. Shaun has autism and has a mental age similar to the boys. He fits Thomas’ tyres and helps push him to the grid. Every time Thomas wins 🏆 it’s nice to know he feels like he has also won too.

We are so pleased that everything that’s happened in the past has had a positive effect on people. Thomas now has children from different countries following his journey. Many are struggling with personal issues, bullying, health. We as a family are pleased that it’s inspiring others too.

We receive many messages thanking us and we are extremely proud of him. They all know his history, when things were very bad he never gave up. He is inspiring others to do the same, not just in racing.

He is helping school kids, kids with cancer, gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ in different countries, swimmers 🏊‍♀️ plus many more. Some of the messages bring tears to our eyes. (Don’t worry we are very selective on what we show him).

If Thomas has saved one tear, or more importantly, one life, everything has been worthwhile. This campaign will continue throughout his racing career.
Thomas says..

“No matter what happens, Never Give Up.”

Our MP is arranging things for Thomas to visit schools in our area, he will be chatting to children about his past and how to move on.

Massive thank you for following his journey.

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