Teesside Winter Series Cadet 2022 – Round 6

Sep 24, 2022 | Latest News

Thomas is racing in both the Honda Cadet and the Micro Max classes so it’s going to be a very physical and intense weekend but he’s up for the challenge!

This is Thomas’s last weekend as a 10 year old. He is planning on making it a weekend to remember and there might even be some birthday celebrations.

His plan is to continue to raise awareness of bullying all over the world.

Thomas was quite upset to learn about a girl who is poorly in a hospital in America. He was devastated to find out she was getting picked on for something she has no control over. She is inspired by Thomas’ “never give up attitude”. She also asked him to add her name on his bumper. Her Mam says Thomas is helping her cope with her situation and also giving her hope.

The plan is to use this bumper in both finals on Sunday at Round 6 of the Teesside Winter Series.

Thomas Potter Racing #Anti-Bullying Campaign

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