Why you should ‘never give up’

Oct 25, 2022 | Latest News

Never Give Up

Huge thanks to everyone taking the time to learn more each week about Thomas’ journey. This one is very special.

Thomas now has followers all over the world. He is inspiring children and adults with his ‘never give up‘ attitude to everything. Some are struggling with confidence, disabilities or are also victims of bullying. Unfortunately a combination of all three is quite common. They are watching his races live and it’s giving them belief that they can overcome their struggles in life too.

This weekend T’Pot started the final P8 as we had an absolute nightmare in the heats not scoring enough points for a good start. We got caught out on set-up with changing weather conditions, and took a gamble that didn’t go our way. Thomas struggled and ended up towards the back.

Just before the final he said I have nothing to lose, I’m just going to go for it. A few kind words of encouragement from Ash and he was off.

T’Pot charged his way through the pack using his ‘never give up‘ attitude. We would have been over the moon with a podium. The moment the commentator said “oh there is a flash of green, never count Potter out of any race no matter where he is..” Thomas wanted the win.

It looked almost impossible however, through the last corner just before the last lap he does it! He holds his position with two drivers both attacking him for a spectacular finish.

He did it by .0038 seconds, that’s his race number!

This now means he has crossed the line first in every final so far in the championship. Thomas crossed the line with the names of victims of bullying on his bumper. This result is going to strengthen his campaign.

Huge well done to Ami and Euan for their podiums. Huge thanks to everyone behind the scenes who has helped make this possible. Special thanks to petrol head Martin Goodwill who unfortunately is no longer with us. He always rides on Thomas’ engine cover. Before each race he tickles his chin. Martin gives him a little extra power from heaven when he needs it.

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